The Muscle Pain Blend!

Do you want to try a Deep Tissue massage but are afraid of the pain?

I have been using this blend for a few months now, and the feedback has been great!

It helps with pain during the massage session, but it really seems to shine post-massage for that soreness that many experience after.  I have had a couple of clients request a take home version of this same blend in lotion for general muscle soreness.  

The blend contains the following essential oils in a pure jojoba carrier.  I chose them for their anti inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) qualities, among others.  It is available to my personal and DMTC clients upon request.  Just make sure that I know you’d like Aromatherapy with your appointment it when you book it. I only blend in small quantities for optimum freshness of product.

Cedarwood: anti inflammatory, diuretic

Grapefruit: analgesic, anti inflammatory, diuretic

Frankincense: analgesic, anti inflammatory

Sweet Marjoram: analgesic, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic

Ginger: analgesic, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic, rubifacient

Ylang Ylang: analgesic, anti inflammatory

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