So Why Go To A Certified Aromatherapist?

especially when you can hop on Google, find a few recipes, find a couple of the suggested oils at your local health food store, throw it together yourself, in your kitchen…laughing maniacally…with only telltale flashes of lightning emanating from your house hinting at what you’re up to…

I’ll admit, I’ve done it.  Once I started hearing about the wonder of essential oils I started looking for ways to use them in my own life for my wellbeing.  It’s fun, the hunt, the research, the beautiful smells!  So why should I look for an actual “Aromatherapist” if I can do this stuff myself?  Well, the most compelling reason is…


When you are looking at the 1oz. custom blend that an Aromatherapist has made for you and they say, “ok, that will be $10,” your inner cheapskate/do-it-yourselfer is saying “I think I can do this myself!”  And, depending on the essential oils needed in the blend, the cost may be more, and that’s not counting the practitioner’s time.  So you are asking yourself, “how does this save money?”

Let’s say you want to make yourself a salve for a scar, and you don’t want to just slap vitamin e on it, you really scour the web.  You read about the wonders of Helichrysum essential oil, how it helps the skin to heal quickly, there are even studies on it.  So you go shopping for it.  You don’t find it in any of your local natural stores.  You go online and can find it for under $20 from some discount stores with dubious labeling or from other more serious looking essential oil distributors for 😱 what is that price???

Here’s the thing, a serious Aromatherapist already has it in their fridge (the expensive one).  And you will only have to pay for drops of it instead of the whole bottle.  And what if you don’t like the smell? Or have a reaction to it?  Your Aromatherapist is your teammate who will reblend for you and will work to find what is best for you at a fraction of the cost of your own experimentation.  The second great reason to see a Certified Aromatherapist is…


These are folks who’ve gone to the trouble to get Certified in an, as yet, unregulated field.  They have invested time and money in learning the many applications of essential oils as well as vital safety information about drug interaction, allergies, shelf life and toxicity.  So you don’t have to!

They have great resources.  Let them thumb through Tisserand’s tome on safety while you binge your Netflix faves.  They know which companies offer the highest quality oils and transparency on the exact contents of every bottle.  And they can pass the information on to you if you need it. No smoke and mirrors.

Certification in Aromatherapy requires 200 hours of education from a NAHA certified provider.  So let their investment of time and money work for you!

Case and point: My initial stock of 24 essential oils has cost me $616.  This is not including carrier oils, packaging or research time.  We are invested!  Let our investment work for you!


The Muscle Pain Blend!

Do you want to try a Deep Tissue massage but are afraid of the pain?

I have been using this blend for a few months now, and the feedback has been great!

It helps with pain during the massage session, but it really seems to shine post-massage for that soreness that many experience after.  I have had a couple of clients request a take home version of this same blend in lotion for general muscle soreness.  

The blend contains the following essential oils in a pure jojoba carrier.  I chose them for their anti inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) qualities, among others.  It is available to my personal and DMTC clients upon request.  Just make sure that I know you’d like Aromatherapy with your appointment it when you book it. I only blend in small quantities for optimum freshness of product.

Cedarwood: anti inflammatory, diuretic

Grapefruit: analgesic, anti inflammatory, diuretic

Frankincense: analgesic, anti inflammatory

Sweet Marjoram: analgesic, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic

Ginger: analgesic, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic, rubifacient

Ylang Ylang: analgesic, anti inflammatory

So What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy could probably be more accurately called “essential oil therapy” as it is really the use of the essential oils of aromatic plants for physical and emotional well-being.

Because Aromatherapy is experiencing a lot of interest recently many people are posting their own personal recipes online, and it seems that every cosmetic and bath product company is producing its own line of “aromatherapy” products.  So we can perhaps be forgiven for dismissing Aromatherapy as something frivolous or merely for making our homes and selves smell good.

However, more medical researchers are checking out the aromatic plants, and the essential oils extracted from them, than ever before.  Yes, science is beginning to take notice!

Studies have found many essential oils and their specific chemical compounds to be anti inflammatory, antibacterial/viral/fungal, analgesic and skin healing (cicatrisant if you’d like to be fancy).  Scent can also act upon the chemistry of the brain to relax and calm us or to invigorate us.  As a result, other essential oils have been found to have antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects when inhaled.

Essential oils can be inhaled or used topically in a variety of ways, and a blend can be tailored to the individual needs of the client.  They can be incorporated into the following for your personal use:

Lotions. Scrubs. Bath salts. Powders. Sprays. Diffuser blends. Inhalers. Body butters. Lip balms…just to name a few!

Why should you come to a certified Aromatherapist for a blend?  And is it worth the extra dollar or two to have someone blend something for you instead of running to the healthfood store to throw a few oils you find there together yourself (I used to do this myself, so I’m not picking on anyone).

I’ll talk about why I won’t wing it anymore next time:)


Steam distillation is still the most common way we extract essential oils.

I’m Now Certified In Holistic Aromatherapy!

Welcome to the Beth Blog everyone!  In May of this year I got my Holistic Aromatherapy certification through an excellent local instructor.  I’m hoping to share some of the awesome things I learned, and will learn, about the beautiful world of essential oils with my clients at Deep Muscle Therapy Center and home.  I learned the uses and cautions for over 40 essential oils and I can’t wait to share them with you.